We want to tell your unique story

Welcome to Sensus PR, an agency passionate about storytelling. “Sensus” means “feeling” or “sense” in Latin. We want to convey that PR is much more than hard numbers and analytics. It's also about “getting a feeling” about what you do and what you dream to achieve. What is it that really matters to you and your audiences? When we are clear about who you are, about your vision and your dreams, we then craft our strategic, well-thought out campaigns to position you in your niche, share your expertise with those who need it, and tell your story to the world.


We work with special brands whom we trust, and communicate their essence to the world.


Captivating and meaningful stories for groundbreaking brands.


We have over 15 years of experience in international PR and proven work methods. Our people are a team of international copywriters, strategists and PR managers with a passion for communication. Each with a diverse skill set, we seamlessly merge our original talents and regularly share our ideas. Our achievements speak for themselves, as brands we work with are being talked about, quoted, mentioned and noticed - everywhere from A-list global media and niche industry publications to elsewhere on the web.


To help our clients get noticed in the saturated media landscape, we need to be extra creative. To be compelling storytellers, we need to let go of our assumptions and to feel what the product or service is really about. We have regular creative meetings and brainstorms, and let the power of collective creativity become a solution for your brand's international visibility.

Strategic thinking

To plan strategically, we need to bring our top analytical skills, experience and a bird's eye view to the game. To be fast, efficient and productive, we integrate attention to detail and modern technology, such as AI tools, into some steps of our work. We create strategies and tactical action plans, we analyze your industry and keep pulse on major trends.

Empowered team

As an agency, we aim to be a space where people can safely explore their creativity and talents, make their own decisions and feel empowered. Letting go of control can be challenging, but trust is our philosophy. We strive to be the change bringers that challenge the traditional hierarchical structures in organizations.